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German Austrian Pavilion Restaurant

1400 Colonial Blvd. 33
Royal Palm Square
Fort Myers , FL 33907


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Review added by: Judith. Raleigh ON May 23, 2014

Wonderful food. Have been to Germany and Austria and we enjoyed so enjoyed our experience here. Helga is a fantastic cook and Mario, our waiter, was gracious, engaging, and informed. He helped make our experience so very pleasurable. Be careful, he speaks 4 languages. We encourage everyone to enjoy a repast here.
Review added by: shugy ON Jun 08, 2013

The food and service are outstanding. Very authentic German/Austrian food. All dishes are outstanding-the best I've had since I last visted Germany/Austria in December 2012.
Review added by: Ruchti ON Aug 22, 2012

Great place, great food! Authentic German-Austrian specialties. We're from souther Germany and liked both the Spaetzle and the potato solad very much. Great Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, Boeuf Stroganoff! But the desserts hit it totally out of the park: The Kaiserschmarrn is both as good and as huge as it gets! Brace yourself for an XL piece of Austrian dessert cuisine.
Review added by: n313dt ON Feb 19, 2012

Just when I think I cannot find any more restaurants that equal my top selections in Fort Myers, I am blown away with another gem. This restaurant has everything, the warm friendly greeting, excellent food, and an ambiance and atmosphere to die for. The most striking aspect for me (or rather my wife) was the complete lack of garlic with seems to accompany most meals here in Florida. There was an amazing selection for my wife to select and the Beef Stroganov which she had was absolutely delicious. As I go to Austria regularly, I just had to try one of their Schnitzels which I found excellent. Pleasingly they have not tried to Americanise the food so it is genuinely authentic. They do, however, offer a salad or soup before the entree, but that is a s far as it goes. The homemade Strudels are a must, so please make sure you leave room for desert.
Review added by: Snuzin ON Jan 18, 2012

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place!! The location is quite lovely - amid fountains, tropical foliage and koi ponds. Indoor and outdoor seating. We had a wonderful dinner with the most authentic Austrian and German cuisine outside of my Mom's homemade dinners. Soup was absolutely homemade beef stock - one with a meat dumpling - the other with a thick slice of beef strudel - the potato mushroom soup was very tasty as well. 3 entrees served all exceptional and good sized portions! Pork Roast with sauerkraut and bread dumpling and gravy. Tender pork, awesome sauerkraut and a light dumpling. Authentic Wiener schnitzel - best I've ever had. Pan roasted potatoes just like home and homemade applesauce! Pork Schnitzel with a bacon and mushroom sauce - WOW!! No room for dessert but Apple strudel looked divine! Restaurant is small but very busy - so call for reservations. Owners are enjoyable, friendly people who will bend over backwards to make sure your meal was memorable. I'll be coming back many more times! Felt like you were invited to dinner at your Aunt's house! Great family run homestyle restaurant! Hope to see them with an outdoor biergarten one of these days - would be awesome!
Review added by: andre?susan Linz/Miami ON Jan 17, 2012

Outstanding authentic cuisine. Best in the area by far. From the minute you walk through the door to the minute you need help getting out the door, it is an absolute pleasure. All the food - from potato pancakes to schnitzel to sauerbraten to kaiserschmarm - no comparison.
Review added by: John D. ON Sep 27, 2011

Review added by: Azbill ON Sep 23, 2011

Friendly, excellent food, good service and reasonable. what more can you ask for in a restaurant
Review added by: Karl from Cape Coral ON Sep 23, 2011

Best food, best Service, friendly Staff. This is by far the best German/Austrian Restaurant outside Europe. We traveled with an RV for 3 Years thru almost every state but we have not found a Restaurant what comes even close.Try the Sauerbraten and Kaiserschmarrn then you will know.
DANKE Helga und Helmut, "Excellent"
Review added by: Werner Weidich from Fort Myers ON Sep 21, 2011

My lady friend and I go to German-Austrian Pavilion Restaurant at least 3-4 times a month and it's always a great dining experience. The food is excellent, the portions are good size, the beer always tastes very good and the waiting staff is professional and friendly. I tried many German places outside Germany and this one beats them all. I recommend this restaurant to all my friends and neighbors and they thank me for telling them about this place. I want to give my thanks to the chefs and waiters for their great service. Danke schoen.
Werner and Eva
Review added by: Mary and Helmut from Fort Myer ON Sep 21, 2011

We've been to the German Austrian Pavilion many times. Every time we go there we discover some new menu items that are "ausgezeichnet" Just try her meat dumpling soup. I call that home cooking at its best.

Each plate is personally prepared by their Viennese Master Chef Helga. She has a special touch that invokes in me some fond nostalgia of my mom's best dishes back home in Austria. I have been in the USA since 1963 and have never found anything better than Helga's cooking.

(Leibspeisen) Go there and reward yourself with a tasty, hearty meal and some delicious desserts.
Review added by: Chavanne ON Sep 09, 2011

We visited the German Austrian Pavilion Restaurant in February 2011. You will not find a better restaurant with Austrian/German food even not in Austria (and we are from Vienna, Austria). It´s not "like" Austrian food - it´s the best original Austrian food! The "Wiener Schnitzel" is perfect and the "Erdapfelsalat = Potato salad" is unforgettable; made in the same style my grandmother.

Congratulation! That´s the way we like to present our small country to the world.

Don´t forget to try the handmade "Apfelstrudel" if you have room left - because the portions are huge!!

Georg & Anna
Review added by: ajwpapa ON Sep 08, 2011

Great food!!!
Review added by: Franz Schoepfer ON Sep 06, 2011

It feels like to be back home, Helga is a fabulous Chef and you find in their menu from Wiener Schnitzel to the Apfelstrudel everything that you can dream off. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the service is friendly and quick.
If you in the Fort Myers area stop by for a nice treat you will not be disappointed.
Review added by: Belinda and Karl ON Sep 04, 2011

Our favorite place to go in Ft. Myer's-the best!
Review added by: jace ON Sep 03, 2011

Such amazing food and great atmosphere TO DIE FOR
Review added by: sunviewbob ON Sep 02, 2011

Helga's Schnitzels are the best! The intimate atmosphere of this restaurant is very pleasing and adds to the ambiance. We have never had an unpleasant experience here.We have to drive 20 miles to get here and we've never been disappointed! Helmut is always very accommodating.
Review added by: georgina ON Sep 02, 2011

Sehr sehr gut! we live in Vienna, Austria and come a long way to go this place.....worth it every time! also have been to the very Viennese restaurant here in Vienna owned by Helga´s son. So we know what we are talking about. The strudel...die for it! and lovely schnitzel. Jaque was a wonderful waiter. looking forward to our next trip.....Palm Court here we come!
danke euch Helga und Helmut
Review added by: D from MN ON May 23, 2011

Wow !!! Food was Amazing !! Jack the Waiter is what Hospitality is all about !! Bravo Jack ! From Dinner to Dessert the whole experience was way beyond my expectations ! Food, Service, Jack !I was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, and I would give the whole experience + 10. Thank you so much we will be back and will recommend to all ps My name is Helga also
Review added by: D from MN ON May 14, 2011

It is simply the best restaurant in SW of Florida
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